Richard Shane Reinert

Faithful Lender

The short man had been out of work for three months. A friend called saying it was an emergency. The short man quickly made his way to meet him at the location. The friend seemed to small talk at first. He began to build up to his delima. The short man listened attentively as the friend spoke about various topics. Suddenly the friend stopped. "I have a favor to ask of you," said the friend. He continued, "I need to borrow money to pay for my house or I shall surely lose it."

The short man replied,"Tis nothing. I will gladly loan you whatever the amount is. For you have been a good friend and truly I can trust you. For you walk with the Lord."

The friend answered, "But sir I haven't even named the sum. It is four hundred and fifty francs."

"The amount matters not as I know you will repay the debt. I will gladly loan you the debt owed," said the short man.

"I owe you sir. If you are ever in need of lodging, food, anything sir, you are welcome to it in my home. I am greatful that God hath shined upon me with your generosity," replied the friend.

A month later the short man was still without work. He called upon the friend for a place to stay.

The friend eagerly opened the door for he had repaid his debt and soon after prospered. He had more than enough room for the short man.

All Rights Reserved ©2003 Richard Shane Reinert