Richard Shane Reinert

Update 8/8/16

I've added one of my Sunday messages to the blog!

New blog post! 8/8/16, New poems 11/15/15

If you are looking for a refresher on the Bible I am reading it out loud at

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Please keep me in your prayers as the blessings come I know I need prayer to keep my eyes on God and less on my desires. I'm lost when I don't focus on the things God has for me instead of what I want God to do.

Thank you to everyone worldwide who takes the time to visit this Web site. I appreciate your comments, visits and prayers.

Remember this...Without the Law(the transgression of the the 10 Commandments), the sacrifice would mean nothing.

One percent of Christians share their faith with unbelievers.

53% of all conversions come from Gospel Tracts.

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- Shane