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"He's The Pen, I'm The Paper"

Internationally selling "He's the Pen, I'm the Paper" paperback has come to eBook! This version has been re-edited, reformatted and updated just for you. "He's the Pen, I'm the Paper" has been praised by Pastors, teenagers, and many in between. Read some reviews below.

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Book Reviews
I really enjoyed this collection of poetry by the author. The poetry was very uplifting and encouraging. It was also in a format I could understand.
- Poetry4him
Through the use of raw, honest emotion and poetry, Reinert captures the ebb and flow of a believer's life.
In the poem "Arise" he writes about the "busy trap" many of us have experienced: "Too many places to be, Not enough of me to go around." Then he brings us back to the point of a believer's life, "I realize that it's not me, But God that is in control."
I love the word play of "Burlap to Cashmere," wherein Reinert reminds us that God can take all of our ugliness and turn it into beauty.
In "Everyone," he addresses the pity party we often engage in by wondering why everyone else is happy, married, has a job, is blessed, etc. -- except me. Then he reminds us, "But you aren't everyone, You were created as an individual, Because God doesn't want you to be everyone."
The book contains several stand-out poetic phrases. He calls the mistakes we make, "The choices of my war." And a life without Jesus as, "Someone living just to get closer to dying." He captures the essence of anger in the words, "An explosion inside, my peace has started peeling."
- Juanita T.
Think Psalms lite. Mr. Reinert offers over 200 wonderful poems, words of praise and thanks, and, yes, a few pleas for help. He offers them in a simple, direct, clear style that will not challenge the average reader. This is not some veiled, convoluted, impenetrable poetic swamp through which the reader must wade. There are no obscure references. The message is clear. It is the only fault I find with the book. It's a bit too simple, a bit too repetitious. But don't let that put you off. It's a wonderful little book.
It's not meant to be read cover-to-cover (though I did - twice). It's the kind of book you keep on the end table or the nightstand. You pick it up, read a poem or two, and reflect. In fact I would suggest making it a daily habit. Read a poem each night before retiring. You'll sleep better for it.
- Joe Z.
Christian poetry at its best...
I was rather pleasantly surprised with the Christian poetry book "He's the pen, I'm the paper". I wasn't expecting to get as much out of this as I would have from a customary Christian novel, or Christian self-help book. In fact, in some instances I got a lot more out of it than traditional Christian literature. Some of the poetry is so poignant and thought-provoking that your left thinking that divine intervention must've played a part in creating this collection of poems. I highly recommend this book become part of your daily reading. Also, a great gift idea -even for those who may not believe, as it provides a different angle; and might be the missing piece your friend or family member needs in their search for Christ.
- Andy
I'm the Music Minister at the church Shane attends, so it's cool to know him personally and see his personality and passion reflected in this collection of poetry. This is a wonderful read for anyone interested in knowing more about their relationship with God. Whether you're new to the faith, or a seasoned church-goer, this will surely make you think.
- Joshua R.
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