Small Town Coroner

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Entry 1

It's not the best job in the world but somebody has to do it. Here I am at thirty eight years old writing a diary. You'd think I was a teenage girl. It's funny but now I just have to get everything down on paper. Where do I start? I guess with the hardest day of my life.

It was a rainy day in October the nineteenth to be exact. I was called into the office at three thirty in the morning. My wife and daughter were supposed to be back from a talent competion. My daughter was an amazing performer even at age nine. Where was I? Oh yes, I got called in. A car crash on the outskirts of town. They took a corner too fast and hit the big oak tree. The first thing in town you see from the east. It takes about ten minutes down a country road to get to the office. I could have never been prepared for what happened that morning. I, I can't describe what I found. I pulled back the sheets over the body. My stomach tightened. I shook uncontrollably Why the officer new or not didn't tell me who it was I will never know.

It was my wife and my daughter. It wasn't right not to notify the family. It was a whirlwind of emotions. Anger, fear, sadness, shaking and shaking. I cried and cried. No person should ever have to deal with that. Ever since then I work during the night. I don't sleep then because of that night. Sleep only happens at exhaustion.

It's been about ten years. So now I live alone. It's a small cabin with a built in office down on the ocean off the coast of Maine. OK now you know me. So do I write about today. Yeah sounds right. The suns coming up. It's always hard to get up at nine PM. Because half the year it's dark. There are some pluses though like it's not as crowded, OK not a good reason in a small town.

I think everybody in town apologies for my wife and daughter everyday. I go and get coffee and some breakfast at Annie and Annie's diner. They open up for me at eleven overnight. So today I ate steak and eggs. The never ask me anything protruding. They are always so polite and genuinely care. The only people who treat me the same as before..... the accident. I left there and walked through the maple grove.

The leaves are amazing this time of year,oranges, yellows and red. There are white fences on each side. Then it's out to the coast. The sound of the waves,the light comes up and around the rocks from the lighthouse. Then it's about midnight. I didn't go to the wreck site. Third time this week. I guess it's time to move on.

I feel guilty about letting go. I know it's time to give up on them walking through the door. I had to perform an autopsy on a man who died at age eighty four. Natural causes. I know that it is weird but I was always into science. After my family died they seem(the corpses) are the only people I can really talk to. I play Christian music to keep me from totally emptying out. I just can't give up on life. I think my family is with God in heaven smiling down on me. The pastor calls me every morning. He helps me keep the faith. I used to think he just did it just to be nice. But now I know different. He genuinlly cares. I know there's a God. I think I hear him calling now. See you tomorrow.

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