Small Town Coroner

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Entry 9

My wife's birthday is today she would have been 36. I took a moment to remember here and a popular poem she liked. You might have read it before. It is also a psalm. Love is patient, love is kind, it is not jealous, or take pleasure in other peoples pain. That's the part she always remembered. On our first official date. (I asked her father). He approved. We ate at a diner near the coast. I picked her up in my best clothes. A blue suit jacket with a white dress shirt, blue tie and navy blue slacks and dress shoes. She took my breath away when I saw her in her yellow sun dress and her hair cascading down past her shoulders. I drove in my first car a mustang if you needed to know all the way there never taking my eyes off her. We didn't turn on the radio and I was very quiet. She did her best to tell me not to be nervous and reached for my hand. I let her take it hoping the sweat pouring off of it wouldn't scare her away from me. Once we got to the restaurant I opened the door for her and later pulled her chair out for her. We ordered shrimp and lobster which in our neck of the woods is common but still not cheap. (It took a whole month's pay to get it.) Our table was outside on a patio that over looking the dark blue ocean. We talked about what our plans were for the summer. I was mapping out my college choices and she was thinking about spending some time helping out at the vet's office. She never met an animal she didn't like. We finished our night with a walk on the shore. I remember feeling very at ease with her for the first time. As she stared out at the ocean I remember thinking I she was the most beautiful girl in the world. I stopped her at one point and told her that. She just smiled and looked into my eyes seeing if it was true in my heart. Then before she could say another word I kissed her. I was afraid shewould pull away but she didn't. She leaned into the kiss and embraced me with the arms tightly. Then she said,"Thank you."My first thought was "thank you?" Then I remembered what I had just told her and said, "your welcome." She laughed out loud at that. She was the first girl I had ever kissed and of course I was hers. Things were different back then. Things moved a whole lot slower in my time. My eyes have begun to get heavy. So I will end my entry with this. Love someone with all your heart and your heart will never be empty.

Entry 9 (2007-10-05) — Copyright ©2001-2019 Richard Shane Reinert.

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