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Entry 13

I have been busy carving away a wood statue (life size if you need to know) of midnight. Work has been very slow which is good for everyone in town. I've been learning alot about patience due to this statue being such a big undertaking. Midnight is seated and looking out to the ocean or at least that's how I imagine him as I carve away. The wood has been easy to work so far but having a giant block of wood in your garage and constantly cleaning up wood shavings is not as much fun. I have been careful to select the right color of paint and some ceramic eyes to make it more life like. So far I have the beginings of a head and his back legs done. The carving in the legs was difficult as I wanted to give texture to his legs that would look like fur. I prayed for hours "God please use my hands.. help me to finish this project." So far He has. Arnie came by to check out the progress. He told me that it's great that I am taking to this new hobby and that he wouldn't even know where to begin. So I told him that if I had his talent for cooking I probably wouldn't be doing this either. I don't think I've ever told you this but Arnie studied to be a chef under the best chef in Maine. He worked 80 .. 90 hours a week at his mentor's restuarant while attending school. You had to do an internship for 500 hours a year in order to graduate. Arnie was a shining star and graduated a year early. Annie of course waited patiently working part time at the library and supporting Arnie's dream to own his own restaurant one day. The professor wanted Arnie to stay and run his place but Arnie recieved an inheritance from a relative he barely knew a week before graduation. He had the place up and running in three months (the first of which Arnie married Annie). Annie quit the library and now they work together everyday. They never had children because they worked so much but it never bothered them either. Midnight had become accustomed to watching me work. He sniffs the wood and to my surprise has never chewed on it either. I picked up the eyes for the statue at a flea market last weekend. The guy was selling stuffed animals, craft type stuff, you know quilts, tread, needles, yarn. His price was perfect. This was his first weekend in town and I expect to keep doing business with him. Well as I look out my garage door it has begun to rain and I need to get my rest. Good night and God Bless.

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