Small Town Coroner

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Entry 28

So Sarah's Dad had me up and at 'em early. We stopped at a bait shop before the sun had begun to show it's face. Dunkin sticks and coffee for breakfast...never had a morning like it. We were the first people at the lake and backed the small bass boat into the lake. It was foggy as we rolled out onto the black water and the contrast of the white fog all around us was really something. 

He didn't say much until we had our lines cast into the water. Then he said heard you had a rough time with your wife and daughter. So you over it yet? I was stopped right in mid thought. I think I might have chocked on my coffee. He started laughing. He said, "I'm sorry if I snuck that one in on you but I thought you'd be more honest with me this way."  

 So I answered him, "It's something you never get all the way over but I've made peace with it. I know I can't go back and change anything."

He stared out into the lake and reeled his line in checking his bait. "So it's not going to give my daughter any problems that aren't hers."

I replied, "No, it won't."

He cast out his line again. "Good now that's out of the way. I'm glad Sarah brought you out to visit us. We don't get to see her very often and bringing you along is a bonus then. So what do you think of Ohio?"

"Well if that's all you needed to know. So far it's dark and quiet," I replied.

He turned and smiled. "I wanted to get the chance to talk to you alone to make sure you were serious about my daughter. You know she hasn't brough anyone over since college. So she must think alot of you. 

I finished off my last dunkin stick and took a drink of coffee. Then I looked at him,"I can't believe it. You have a wonderful daughter. For a teacher that is."

"You know us teachers tend to stick together."He jumped up and pulled his line back beginning to reel in quickly. "Grab the net."

I grabbed the net as he pulled a huge fish near the boat and scooped it up.

"Hey you must be good luck! I haven't caught a fish this size in years. I was starting to give up," he exclaimed.

So there it went..We talked casually for the rest of the day until about noon. Then we drove the boat up to the dock and I backed the truck down. We sat in satisfied silence as we returned back to the house. The sun had burned off all the fog by then. 

Sarah came out to meet us. My Sarah..

She gave her dad a hug and looked to me. "Did he give you a hard time?"

"Not at all," I lied.

"You should have seen him choking as soon as I gave him the once over," he laughed. "His eyes almost bugged out of his head."

"Dad! You shouldn't be doing that yet you've just met him," she replied. "So was he that bad?

"He got my attention." I answered.

"I'm heading in. So you two can catch up on his morning," her dad headed inside.

So we talked and I didn't give up what he said that made me choke because I wasn't ready to go into something we haven't talked alot about yet....and then she gave me a big hug and kissed me. She told me that she thinks her parents like me. They both had alot of questions good questions she said.

That's where I will leave things for today. We head back Sunday night. More to come.

Entry 28 (2009-10-12) — Copyright ©2001-2019 Richard Shane Reinert.

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